Fiction I Have Enjoyed Reading (2000 to 2005)


  1. Bend in the River (V.S. Naipaul)
  2. Disgrace (J.M. Coetzee)
  3. Assistant (Bernard Malmud)
  4. The Heart of the Matter (Graham Greene)
  5. To Kill A Mocking Bird (Harper Lee)
  6. The Girls of Slender means (Muriel Spark)
  7. One Fat Englishman (Kingsley Amis)
  8. The Secret History (Donna Tart)
  9. Time's Arrow (Martin Amis)
  10. Falling (Elizabeth Jane Howard)
  11. A Crime in the Neighbourhood (Suzanne Bernes)
  12. The Collector (John Fowls)
  13. My Secret History (Paul Theroux)
  14. Changing Places (David Lodge)
  15. The Gate of Angels (Penelope Fitzgerald)
  16. Memento Mori (Muriel Spark)
  17. Stanley and the Women (Kingsley Amis)
  18. Keep the Aspidistra Flying (George Orwell)
  19. The Good Soldier (Ford Madox Ford)
  20. The Moon and Six Pence (W Somerset Maugham)
  21. Scoop (Evelyn Waugh)
  22. I Like it Here (Kingsley Amis)
  23. A Flag on the Island (V.S. Naipaul)
  24. Losing Nelson (Barry Unsworth)
  25. Mimic Men (V.S. Naipaul)
Some more novels I enjoyed reading in 2000

Ground Beneath her Feet (Salman Rushdie)
The Guide (R.K Narayan)
Death in Summer (William Trevor)
My Other Life (Paul Theroux)
Small World (David Lodge)
That Uncertain Feeling (Kingsley Amis)
When We were Orphans (Kazuo Ishiguro)
Suffrage of Elvira (V.S. Naipaul)
Passing on (Penelope Lively)
The Garric Year (Margaret Drabble)
Master Georgie (Beryl Brainbridge)

Top Novels of 2000: A Bend in the River (V.S. Naipaul), Disgrace (J.M. Coetzee), To Kill A Mocking Bird (Harper Lee), One Fat Englishman (Kingsley Amis), Stanley and His Women (Kingsley Amis), Time's Arrow (Martin Amis), and Changing Places (David Lodge)

  1. Brighton Rock (Graham Greene)
  2. Berlin Novels--Goodbye to Berlin & Mr Norris Changes Trains (Christopher Isherwood)
  3. The Beginning of Spring (Penelope Fitzgerald)
  4. Duluth (Gore Vidal)
  5. When I lived in Modern Times (Linda Grant)
  6. The Biographer's Moustache (Kingsley Amis)
  7. Rules of Attraction (Bret Easten Ellis)
  8. Sabbath's Theatre (Philip Roth)
  9. Aiding and Abetting (Muriel Spark)
  10. A Touch of Love (Jonathan Coe)
  11. Nice Work (David Lodge)
  12. Slapstick (Kurt Vonnegut)
  13. Towards the End of the Morning (Michael Frayn)
  14. About A Boy (Nick Hornby)
  15. Young Adolph (Beryl Bainbridge)
  16. Foreign Affairs (Allison Lurie)
  17. Death of A Heart (Elizabeth Bowen)
  18. The Sword of Honour Trilogy--3 novels (Evelyn Waugh)
  19. The Family Arsenal (Paul Theroux)
  20. White Teeth (Zadie Smith)
  21. Our Man in Havana (Graham Greene)
  22. The Girl at the Lion O'dor (Sebastian Faulks)
  23. Human Voices (Penelope Fitzgerald)
  24. Chicago Loop (Paul Theroux)
  25. Tales of the City (Armistead Maupin)
Some more novels I enjoyed reading in 2001

The Bookshop (Penelope Fitzgerald)
Charlotte Gray (Sebastian Faulks)
Emotionally Weird (Kate Atkinson)
Anil's Ghost (Michael Ondaatje)
More Tales from the City (Armistead Maupin)
Further Tales from the City (Armistead Maupin)

Top Novels of 2001: Brighton Rock (Graham Greene), Berlin Novels (Christopher Isherwood), Sabbath's Theatre (Philip Roth), Rules of Attraction (Bret Easten Ellis), When I Lived in Modern Times (Linda Grant), Family Arsenal (Paul Theroux), and Death of A Heart (Elizabeth Bowen)

  1. The Comforters (Muriel Spark)
  2. The Singapore Grip (J.G. Farrell)
  3. The Razer's Edge (W Somerset Maugham)
  4. Take A Girl Like You (Kingsley Amis)
  5. Headlong (Michael Frayn)
  6. The Death Of Vishnu (Manil Suri)
  7. The Mosquito Coast (Paul Theroux)
  8. Down and Out in Parris and London (George Orwell)
  9. Half A Life (V.S. Naipaul)
  10. Earthly Powers (Anthony Burgess)
  11. The Emigrants (W.G. Sebald)
  12. Money (Martin Amis)
  13. Thinks (David Lodge)
  14. Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (Dai Sije)
  15. Enderby Outside (Anthony Burgess)
  16. The Dark Room (Rachel Seiffert)
  17. Love in A Cold Climate (Nancy Mitford)
  18. Love Etc. (Julian Barnes)
  19. Circle of Deceit (Nina Bawden)
  20. Black Mischief (Evelyn Waugh)
  21. Good Behaviour (Molly Keane)
  22. Atonement (Ian McEwan)
  23. Master of St Petersburg (J.M. Coetzee)
  24. Human Stain (Philip Roth)
  25. The History Man (Malcolm Bradbury)
Some more novels I enjoyed reading in 2002

Bodily Harm (Margaret Atwood)
Five Quarters of Orange (Joanne Harris)
Set this House on Fire (William Styron)
The Rotetr's Club (Jonathan Coe)
The Dice Man (Luke Rhinehart)
Bordercrossing (Pat Barker)
How to be Good (Nick Hornby) 

Top Books of 2002: The Comforters (Muriel Spark), The Singapore Grip (J.G. Farrell), The Death of Vishnu (Manil Suri), Money (Martin Amis), Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (Dai Sije), Take A Girl Like You (Kingsley Amis), Half A Life (V.S. Naipaul), Earthly Powers (Anthony Burgess), and The Emigrants (W.G. Sebald)

  1. Youth (J.M. Coetzee)
  2. Austerliz (W.G. Sebald)
  3. Wildfire (Richard Ford)
  4. Tin Men (Michael Frayn)
  5. Vile Bodies (Evelyn Waugh)
  6. Shuttlecock (Graham Swift)
  7. The Secret History of Modernism (C.K. Stead)
  8. Fingersmith (Sarah Waters)
  9. Talking it Over (Julian Barnes)
  10. Fury (Salman Rushdie)
  11. Out of the Shelter (David Lodge)
  12. Coming Up for Air (George Orwell)
  13. All Families are Psychotics (Douglas Coupland)
  14. Union Street (Pat Barker)
  15. Black Dogs (Ian McEwan)
  16. The Debt of Pleasure (John Lancaster)
  17. In the Heart of the Country (J.M. Coetzee)
  18. Moontiger (Penelope Lively)
  19. Platform (Michael Houellebecq)
  20. Blind Assassin (Margaret Atwood)
  21. Hotel Honolulu (Paul Theroux)
  22. According to Quinny (Beryl Bainbridge)
  23. The Mystic Masseur (V.S. Naipaul)
  24. On Green Daulphin Street (Sebastian Faulks)
  25. Unless (Carol Shields)
Some more novels I enjoyed reading in 2003

Public Image (Muriel Spark)
Who is Sorry Now (Howard Jacobson)
Fragrant Harbour (John Lancaster)
Spies (Michael Frayn)
The Naked Season (Kira Cochrane)

Top Books of 2003: Austerliz (W.G. Sebald), Youth (J.M. Coetzee), Fingersmith (Sarah Waters), The Secret History of Modernism (C.K. Stead) and Wildfire (Richard Ford)

  1. Life of Pi (Yan Martel)
  2. Flaubert's Parrot (Julian Barnes)
  3. Humboldt's Gift (Saul Bellow)
  4. Any Human Heart (William Boyd)
  5. Everything is Illuminated (Jonathan Safron Foer)
  6. Family Matters (Rohinton Mistry)
  7. Notes of A Scandal (Zoe Heller)
  8. The Autograph Man (Zadie Smith)
  9. The Picturegoers (David Lodge)
  10. Death and the Penguin (Andreyi Kurkov)
  11. The Eyre Affair (Jasper Fford)
  12. The Good Doctor (Damon Galgut)
  13. The Namesake (Jhumpa Lahiri)
  14. My Life as A Fake (Peter Carey)
  15. The Russian Interpreter (Michael Frayn)
  16. What A Carve Up! (Jonathan Coe)
  17. Jerusalem the Golden (Margaret Drabble)
  18. Girl 20 (Kingsley Amis)
  19. The O Zone (Paul Theroux)
  20. Middlesex (Jeffrey Euginides)
  21. A Sunday at A Pool in Kagali (Gil Courtemanche)
  22. Corrections (Jonathan Franzen)
  23. Right and the Left (Joseph Roth)
  24. Yellow Dog (Martin Amis)
  25. The Hours (Michael Cunningham)
Some more novels I enjoyed reading in 2004

Brick Lane (Monica Ali)
The Paperchase (Marcel Theroux)
Sports Writer (Richard Ford)
Still Here (Linda Grant)
The Brother of the More Famous Jack (Barbara Trapido)
The Light of the Day (Graham Swift)
Girl with A Pearl Earing (Tracy Chivalier)
Special (Bella Bathurst)
My Summer of Love (Helen Cross)
Affinity (Sarah Waters)
Ruffian on the Stairs (Nina Bawden)
Parachute and Kisses (Erica Jong)
The Mulberry Empire (Philip Hensher)

Top Books of 2004: Flaubert's Parrot (Julian Barnes), Life of Pi (Yann Martel), Humboldt's Gift (Saul Bellow), Any Human Heart (William Boyd), Everything is Illuminated (Jonathan Safron Foer), Girl 20 (Kingsley Amis), and Picturegoers (David Lodge)

  1. 1984 (George Orwell)
  2. Song of Solomon (Toni Morrison)
  3. The Shadow of the Wind (Carlos Ruiz Zafon)
  4. The Line of Beauty (Alan Hollinghurst)
  5. Old School (Tobias Wolff)
  6. Cakes and Ales (W Somerset Maugham)
  7. Frankie and Stankie (Barbara Trapido)
  8. Ham on the Rye (Charles Bukowaski)
  9. Autobiopsy (Bernice Rubens)
  10. Hunting the Unicorns (Bella Pollen)
  11. Under the Frog (Tibor Fischer)
  12. Ghostwritten (David Mitchell)
  13. Bonfire of the Vanities (Tom Wolfe)
  14. Vernon Godlittle (DBC Pierre)
  15. Stars and Bars (William Boyd)
  16. Ending Up (Kingsley Amis)
  17. Blott on the Landscape (Tom Sharpe)
  18. Kitchen Venom (Philip Hensher)
  19. Fireflies (Shiva Naipaul)
  20. Tough Guys Don't Dance (Norman Mailer)
  21. Pascali's Island (Barry Unsworth)
  22. Tortilla Flat (John Steinbeck)
  23. Small Island (Andrea Levy)
  24. Purple Hibiscus (Chimamanda Nagozi Adichie)
  25. Soldiers of Salamis (Javier Cercas)

Some more novels I enjoyed reading in 2005

Asylum (Patrick McGrath)
Double vision (Pat Barker)
Swami and His Friends (R.K. Narayan)
Carter Beats the Devil (Glen David Gold)
Music and Silence (Rose Tremain)
The Impressionist (Hari Kunzru)
Case Histories (Kate Atkinson)
Wilt in Nowhere (Tom Sharpe)
Snobs (Julian Fellows)
Author Author (David Lodge)
Staying Alive (Matt Beaumont)
The Golden Child (Penelope Fitzgerald)
The Joyluck Club (Amy Tan)
Shroud (John Banville)
A Year in the Merde (Stephen Clarke)
The Closed Circle (Jonathan Coe)
Generation X (Alex Garland)
An Experiment in Love (Hilary Mantel)

Top Books of 2005: 1984 (George Orwell), Song of Solomon (Toni Morrison), Kitchen Venom (Philip Hensher), Frankie and Stankie (Barbara Trapido), Bonfire of the Vanities (Tom Wolfe), Under the Frog (Tibor Fischer), Pascali's Island (Barry Unsworth), Ending Up (Kingsley Amis), Autobiopsy (Bernice Rubens), and Ghostwritten (David Mitchell)